A-Z of Dogs

A-Z of Dogs

A to Z of Dogs

There are many different types of dog in the world and they can be  identified in seven groups;  Gundogs, Working dogs, Pastoral dogs, Terriers, Hounds, Utility dogs and Toy dogs.

All breeds in all the groups have their original reasons for being bred.  These days some are still bred for the same reasons and still work.  Some have new roles in society such as service/assistance dogs to help people with various disabilities in every day tasks, guide dogs, hearing dogs, therapy dogs, rescue dogs, search dogs, guard dogs, detection dogs, war dogs and police dogs.  In a lot of cases the different breeds in all the groups are mainly being bred as companions/pets, offering a wide variety of temperaments, qualities and traits to suit various owners lifestyles.

Listed below are the seven different groups of dogs containing the original reasons for being bred.  Also an overall guide to the temperament of the dogs in their particular groups.  For more information on individual breeds see Happy Dog Days A-Z of Dog Breeds.

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