This group is one of the oldest groups of dogs.  They were originally bred for hunting either by sight or by scent.

Sight hounds are mainly sleek looking dogs that are very persistent in the pursuit of the prey using speed, stamina and keeping the prey in sight with their exceptional eyesight.  They will catch and kill their prey.

Scent hounds are powerful dogs and due to this they are not very fast runners but have endurance.  They have great noses and can follow the scent of their prey by tracking.

Hounds are trustworthy, active, intelligent dogs.  They are sociable and want to work for the handler, but when the hounds are working they are quite independent and you can see this sometimes with the owners as they can be a bit distant and stubborn.

There are some breeds of hounds that will use sight and scent to follow the prey so are not classed in either particular category.

A group of hounds is called a mute or a pack and some hounds have the ability to make a unique sound called baying (a form of howling) and this is how they communicate.

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