Pastoral Dogs

Pastoral Dogs

Pastoral dogs are quite a new group, formed in 1999.  Most of the dogs in this group you would have originally seen in the working group.  All have a herding background and a lot of the breeds in this group tend to be smaller than the working breeds. 

 The pastoral group was formed because the working group had become so large.  Pastoral dogs were  originally bred to work livestock, either herding or guarding.  These dogs that respond well to training are usually very energetic and highly driven, hard working,  possessing and can display courage.   They tend to form close bonds with their handler and follow instructions very well.  They have a tendency to be dependent on the handler awaiting commands but are capable of using their own judgment.  They are usually very affectionate, friendly dogs, and some of the characteristics in the working dogs profile can sometimes be seen in the pastoral breed.

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