Toy Dogs

Toy Dogs

Toy dogs some were originally bred for hunting and killing rodents, keeping watch and companion dogs.  Nowadays that original reasons for being bred is changing.   They are mainly bred now as companion dogs.  Some are described as lap dogs or status symbols.  The toy breeds are all small dogs which is why some of the breeds have found themselves in this group rather than another group.  They are small in size and on the whole are loyal, friendly, placid and intelligent dogs that generally make good pets.  They can be energetic but are one of the groups where the breeds of dogs needs the least exercise.  Don't be mistaken with their small size as they can be tough, stubborn and noisy.  Some will not put up with being pulled about by adults or children as it can be too much for them.  They may be small but can have strong personalities!

They can be prone to health problems and some become finicky eaters.

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