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Adult dog beginner 'One to One' training package is ideal for adult dogs that have never been taught basic manners and obedience.
This 'one to one' package will also help towards eradicating some unwanted behaviours your dog may have developed whilst growing up. For example pulling on the lead and jumping up at people.

You might find yourself needing this service because although you have a very friendly dog it could be just unruly. This might be because you have taken on an adult dog and the previous owners did very little or no training. It may be because you just didn't have the time or realise the importance of training your dog when it was a puppy.
What ever the reason this package is for you, as it is never too late!

The training will take place in and around your home and on some occasions, local public places. This gives you and your dog realistic surroundings and distractions to train in, which can be of great benefit to you and your dog.

I will be sharing useful information and each week you and your dog will learn basic obedience. Every week you will have time to put the obedience exercises into practice. This will enable me to assist you and give you practical support on each of the exercises and overcome any problems.
Practice is very important for your dog's development and so you and your dog will be able to progress each week. By training every day (little and often) and practicing the commands/exercises, you will soon see the benefits.

Happy Dog Days training techniques are repetition, consistency and reward based using verbal praise, food or your dog's favourite toy. There is no rough handling or angry shouting.

Content of dog course:  (may vary slightly from the list below depending on your dog)

Introduction to dog training:

  • Importance of practice, repetition, being consistent with commands and body language. (both you and your dog seeing the signs)
  • Importance and benefits of exercising your dog.
  • Importance of rules in and around the home: putting the lead on, feeding, play, not to allow mouthing.
  • Information on neutering your dog. (if your dog is not already neutered)
  • Importance of socialisation explained.

Social manners:

  •  Not jumping up at people
  •  Door manners
  •  Meeting other dogs

Watch command:

This will help in many areas of training i.e. stopping eye contact with another dog. It will get your dog's attention on you.

Lead work:

  • Sit
  •  Down
  •  Stand
  •  Walk to heel on loose lead (informal)


  • Sit
  • Down

Informal recall:

  • To front

'Leave it' command

With this package you will have the convenience of choosing a variety of training times.

One hour session a week.

6 week course, See price page

Contact me for more info or to book this service.

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