Choosing a Dog

Choosing a Dog

Choosing a dog

Choosing a dog


The Right Breeder

When choosing a dog, finding the right breeder is a very important decision to have to make.  By making the right choices from the beginning you will be enhancing your chances of having a happy and healthy faithful friend for a long time. Unfortunately not all breeders are reputable so you have to be aware of what to look for and the right questions to ask.  A good breeder will be breeding for the love of their chosen breed and will want to breed good temperament dogs that are healthy.

  1. Contacting the kennel club to locate a good breeder is a good way to start your search as the breeder may be a member of the kennel club accredited breeder scheme, which can give you some reassurance.  If you are finding a breeder on a website, see if they are a member of the scheme.  If they are a member don't just assume everything is going to be as it should, still follow the all the checks.  You can also get in contact with breed associations.
  2. A breeder with a good reputation is a good sign.
  3. Bitches should have at least one season before breeding.  Breeding adults should not mate until they are at least one year old, larger dogs two years old.  Bitches over eight years old should not be bred and had no more than six litters.
  4. Note when choosing a dog a responsible breeder should only breed once a year.
  5. It is very important when choosing a dog to go to the breeders premises/kennels where the mother (dam) and pups are bred and being reared.  You can check that they are being kept in a clean and safe environment.  You can also see the mother (dam) and puppies together with the breeder in person as that is very important.  It is advisable to see the Dad (sire) as well but this is not always possible as a lot of breeders use a stud dog.  If you are unable to see the dad (sire), ask about the father's temperament, health and pedigree and ask to see a photo.
  6. Take a good look at the adult dogs you are looking for well behaved, friendly and healthy dogs that have a good relationship with the breeder.  This is good indication to the temperament of the puppy you choose.
  7. If you are choosing a breed that are prone to health problems request to see the parents hereditary screening certificates.

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