Is Owning a Dog Right for You?

Is Owning A Dog Right For You?

Is Owning A Dog Right For You?

Is Owning A Dog Right For You?

Owning a dog can be very rewarding but very demanding as well.  There are lots of things to think about when considering bringing a dog into the home.  You will be responsible for your dogs behaviour.  It is important that you have as much knowledge as possible about training, dog behaviour and the dog's body language as this will help you in and out of the home. You can also seek professional help. Ten questions to ask yourself before deciding to get a dog.

  1. Why do you want a dog?
  2. Does everyone in the family want the dog?
  3. Is any member of the family allergic to dog fur?
  4. Can you commit to a dog for the whole of its life, approximately 15 years?
  5. Do you have a safe and secure home for a dog? The house and garden area must be kept clean and clear of any thing that could hurt the dog.  The garden also needs to be fully fenced.
  6. Do you have the time? Is Owning A Dog Right For You? A dog will need regular walks, training, socialisation, play and grooming.  Even on those horrible cold wet days or when you're  feeling really tired.
  7. Can you afford a dog? Dogs are not cheap to buy or the upkeep of them.  You will have to pay for the initial vaccinations and yearly boosters, regular wormers and flea treatment.  The cost of neutering (optional), dog food, dog tag, microchip, collar, lead, food/water bowls, dog bed and grooming brush (maybe trips to the groomers) must be taken into account .  You should consider paying for dog insurance or have money put aside in case your dog becomes ill or injured and you end up with vet bills. If you have no one to look after your dog while your away you will have to pay for boarding kennels.
  8. What breed is right for you and your family?
  9. Pure breed or cross breed?
  10. Bitch or Dog?

The answer for 8, 9 ,10 is research, research, research.  We all have different lifestyles and some breeds are more suited for some people than others.  You can have some breeds that need more exercise than others and some breeds are better with children than others, the list goes on. Check out our A-Z of Dogs for information on various breeds. You will also find plenty of books that will give you information on what to expect from various breeds i.e. temperament and suitability as a pet.  You can also contact breeders, rescue centres and dog trainers to get their advice.


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