About Me

About Me

Suffolk Based Dog Trainer

Suffolk Based Dog Trainer

I have always loved dogs and I am a current owner of a German Shepherd called Murphy.  He is only a puppy and there is nothing better than spending a lot of quality time with him training and seeing him mentally stimulated and having fun.

I am sure you will meet him if you choose to use any of my services!

I find dogs extremely interesting and rewarding to work with as the psychology, behaviour and the training of them always fascinates me.  You never stop learning! I have worked with lots of dogs all shapes, sizes and characters.   A lot of dogs I have met have been very friendly and have just required some basic obedience training.   Not all of them have been quite so friendly or well behaved.  I have seen a lot of dogs with various problems; some have become unruly and this can progress to a more dangerous behaviour if not dealt with.  Other behaviours I have seen and worked with are nervousness, aggression and in some cases have been mistreated.   The list goes on.

Since working with dogs it has always been my aim to help as many dogs as possible be happy, healthy, well mannered, stimulated and content.  It is important that dogs have a happy home life.   This is why I started HAPPY DOG DAYS and what my new business is all about.

My career with animals started in September 1993.  During this time I worked as a Head of Section Zoo Keeper at Colchester Zoo, RSPCA Animal Collection Officer and as a supervisor at an RSPCA Animal Home.  I enjoy continuously improving my skills to the highest standard, as you can never stop learning especially when it comes to animals and their behaviour.

Suffolk Dog Training

Suffolk Dog Training

The three positions encompass a huge range of responsibilities and skill in ANIMAL WELFARE, BEHAVIOUR, TRAINING, EXERCISE, ANIMAL HANDLING, RESCUES, ADMINISTERING MEDICATION, ENRICHMENT and ANIMAL TRANSPORT.   All of which need you to be able to read the behaviour, perform practical handling and know what to do in any situation.   By being able to do this at a high standard you will get the best results and make each situation safe.

If you would like to know more about the skills, responsibilities and care  I have achieved in previous jobs.

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Suffolk based dog trainer offering skills in animal welfare, behaviour, training exercise, animal handling, rescues, administering medication, enrichment and animal transport to name a few.