Dog Taxi

Dog Taxi in Suffolk

Vehicle off the road?

Unable to drive any more?

Haven't got the time to get to an appointment?

Injured yourself or just need assistance from time to time?

Dog Taxi

Dog Taxi


The dog taxi service is a necessity for some and a convenience for others.  The dog taxi can transport your dog on your behalf on local trips from your home.

Weather it be a trip to the vets for an appointment, a groomers for your dog to get pampered or even if you are busy getting ready for your holiday and need one less job to do, the dog taxi can take your dog to the kennels on your behalf.  Everyone loves going on holidays but no one likes having to say goodbye to their much loved pet.

Your dog will be transported safely and handled with care to your desired destination and where necessary will do the return journey as well.

If you need me to pass on and/or receive any information on your behalf I can and will do so with the utmost care.

Dog Taxi service

Happy Dog Days Dog Taxi


The taxi is fully equipped to give you peace of mind that your dog is being transported safely, securely and as comfortably as possible.  The dog taxi is a smoke free environment, with myself driving who holds a full clean British driving licence.

The Dog Taxi has been fitted with custom made LINTRAN cages/boxes.  The interior walls of the van have been sprayed enabling them to be washable and easy to clean.  It has thick heavy duty rubber matting for the dogs comfort, reduce slipping and fully washable.  The van is well ventilated with an electric fan.  The back cages/boxes have escape doors just in case an emergency exit is needed in a unforeseen situation.

The Dog Taxi service is capable of taking all different size dogs and is equipped with a dog ramp if needed.

Lintran is also used by the:

Police, RSPCA, Prison Service, Fire Service, HM Customs, MOD, vets, professional handlers and show and pet owners.

The interior of the van is cleaned with products from The Animal Health Company.

Parvovirucide is a cleaner/disinfectant that Happy Dog Days use which has been tested and proven by DEFRA to inactivate Parvovirus.  It inactivates virus, bacteria, ringworm, fungi, moulds, yeasts, mycoplasma and protozoa.

Odor-Kill a very powerful deodoriser, known for its ability to kill even the strongest smells! Pet Bed Wash is a laundry detergent and steriliser to ensure dog bedding is not only clean, but free of disease organisms, which can often be present after washing at low temperatures.

Parvovirucide is also used by the:

Quarantine Kennels and Boarding Kennels, County/District/Town Councils, Police Authorities.

Dog taxi: price guide.

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