Microchipping & Dog Tags

Microchipping & Dog Tags

We all love our dogs and unfortunately even the best loved dogs can get lost or even sometimes stolen, however vigilant and responsible we try to be. It is essential therefore for us as dog owners to do what is necessary to keep our dogs as safe as possible. So if the unfortunate happens, your dog can be safely reunited with you as soon as possible once your dog has been found.

For this to happen dogs need to have I.D on them at all times. Many dogs are lost/stray each year and find themselves put in kennels. If the dog has no I.D on them it means the owners cannot be contacted and only a few dogs are reunited. Methods of identification for your dogs are the Dog Tag and the Microchip. Remember the Dog Id Tag is a legal requirement!!

The Dog Tag


The Microchip


Why have both methods?

Both complement each other and you can be assured you have done as much as possible to get your dog reunited with you if it becomes lost. A collar and tag is a legal requirement but sometimes they come off, get taken off or get damaged. By microchipping as well your dog has a safe, permanent form of identification that will last the life of your dog. Since the microchip has been used it has helped many dog owners get their lost dog back. It has also helped with ownership disputes.

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