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As a Head of Section at Colchester Zoo, Suzanne was responsible for a wide range of species and a team of staff. She managed the day to day running of her section which included all aspects of animal husbandry and care from daily cleaning and feeding to medicating, hand rearing and animal training. Suzanne's relationship with the animals under her care was excellent and her ability to manage changes in their behavior and health meant she always picked up on any problems and ensured the absolute best attention to their needs. Working with variety of primates and bird species, Meerkats and Mongoose, Suzanne was able to adapt to all their different needs and personalities and she excelled as an animal keeper and supervisor as well as providing excellent visitor experiences and customer care services. Suzanne is trustworthy, hardworking, dedicated and fully committed to the care of animals and I believe she will make an excellent dog trainer and carer.
Sarah Forsyth, Zoological Curator, Colchester Zoo
I have worked with Suzanne for many years in the RSPCA and during that time she has worked with a wide variety of animals. She has a natural affinity with animals that brings out the very best in them. I have always found Suzanne to be honest, conscientious and professional in all aspects of her work.
Marc Niepold, Inspector, RSPCA
Suzanne has been training our Beagle for 8 weeks now, I am thoroughly enjoying the training and so is our puppy Bear. Suzanne is excellent in teaching me and Bear many different training techniques and he has exceeded my expectations and is a very enjoyable and well behaved puppy to have and we could not have done without Suzanne. Suzanne has not only helped me with training Bear but also with any issues I have had around the home, chewing, toilet training etc. Suzanne is reliable, kind and very caring and has made such a positive difference to our puppy.
Jenny Harvey, Puppy Training: Stowmarket, Suffolk
We have just finished our 8 week training class with our Staffordshire bull terrier Honey. We have learnt so much throughout the course and have watched our puppy grow and develop extremely well through the great training we have been given. Honey is our 1st dog we have owned and were a bit clueless but with Suzanne's guidance, excellent training and brilliant techniques we are thoroughly enjoying having our well behaved, cheeky little puppy as part of our family. I can not thank Suzanne enough and would highly recommend her to anybody looking to train their dog. Thanks again.
Karl and Jodie Landymore, Puppy Training: Needham Market
I have found the course very joyful and Casper has learn a lot from it. Before I got in touch with Suzanne. He was not doing nothing at all and I was finding it hard to make him do a command and now since he's done the course he listens to me more and does everything I say. Thanks for all your help and I will still be using your help to get him perfect.
Sean Jarrold, Puppy Training: Ipswich
We are writing to thank you for your help in training a very excitable, 1 year old Labrador and, more importantly, his less excitable but still very needy owners the dark art of dog training. Topper is now a completely changed dog after just 6 training sessions, something that we could not have achieved without your help!
Ian Thompson, Puppy Training: Coddenham
Massive thank you Suzanne for your help and training with Coco. We honestly believe without you she wouldn't be the lovely 5 month old puppy that she is. She now happily sits and waits to be told to greet when visitors arrive and is a real pleasure on the lead. We miss seeing you on Tuesdays, you are a lovely person to be around and Coco loved you and the new things you taught her. We also learnt lots about ourselves and the impact we have on our puppy. We would highly recommend you to anyone, we will be calling you up when we get our next puppy!
Rachel, Shelana and Coco, Puppy Training: Ipswich
Buster and I undertook a 6 week course with Suzanne, it has completely changed our relationship and he is now an absolute pleasure, never realised how easy it would be to train him it was just being taught how to do it and making sure I gave it 110% too. Buster no longer takes my arm out of its socket every time we go for a walk and walks to heel really well. He is also now whistle trained which is unbelievable previously he would just run and run and run, now he comes back once he hears that whistle. The advice on his diet and exercise regime was invaluable too, all in all an absolutely fantastic experience for me and Buster Boo.
Emma and Buster,
Its Olena from Westerfield Road. Thank you for your professional training to our dog Maksy.
Olena and Rob,
I would like to say many thanks to Suzanne for her help and advise with my eight month old puppy Reggie. Before we met Suzanne, Reggie was quite a boisterous puppy and as a Labrador/Rottweiler cross we new he was going to be quite a big dog! However, with Suzanne's guidance and tried and tested methods Reggie has become a much calmer and more obedient family dog. Suzanne is extremely approachable, friendly and Reggie loved the sessions with her - becoming quite a willing pupil. She clearly loves her job and I would not hesitate to recommend her to other dog owners! We will definitely be in touch for more sessions on heel work in the near future. Many thanks for all your help.
We had already been to puppy classes with our Labrador Lexi so we had the basics but we still needed help with a few issues and felt that one-to-one training might be beneficial. Lexi loved Suzanne and responded very well to her. The one-to-one training has really helped us and we are glad that we used Happy Dog Days as we now have a much better behaved dog to walk! Suzanne is warm, friendly, good value and good at her job - we would definitely recommend her.
Naom, Needham Market
Our Border Collie was 13 weeks old when we started puppy training on a one to one basis at home with Suzanne. Having lessons at home meant the whole family could learn the same techniques which meant we would all be giving our puppy the same training when Suzanne was not there. Having had no previous experience of dogs she taught many techniques including to sit, stay, wait, go down, not to jump and wait when people come to the door. We also did some training outside for recall and heel work. Suzanne has lots of patience, is very kind, and we were so sad when our seven weeks of training were up. If we had other concerns Suzanne also helped us to overcome these. We cannot thank Suzanne enough for what she has done and would highly recommend her (and have been)
Sue Terry,
Many, many thanks for the advice and assistance Happy Dog Days has given me whilst training my 15 month old Labrador Eddie. By following the techniques and the new routines advised, he now walks beautifully to heel and is not overly excitable when people visit my home. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone with a dog who has similar problems.
Julie Alderton, Adult Dog Training: Stowmarket, Suffolk
I would like to say a huge thank you for the training you have provided for my Bernese Mountain Dog Ruby and myself, we have both really enjoyed the one to one training and have learnt so much. I can now walk Ruby with confidence and ease instead of being pulled along; I can also have people visit without her jumping up at them. With your training techniques Ruby learnt all basic commands very quickly and enjoyed every minute, she is a lot more responsive now and in seven weeks I have seen a huge improvement.Thank you Suzanne we could not of done this without you. I would highly recommend Happy Dog Days to anyone who needs help in training their dog.Thank you so much!
Laura, Dog Training: Needham Market,Suffolk
Suzanne has a pleasant manner and a kind nature. She walks Trixie, my mother-in-laws' dog. My mother-in-law Pearl lives in very sheltered housing. Pearl is quite frail and unable to give Trixie a good walk every day. She also suffers from dementia.

Suzanne has a natural love of animals. She walks Trixie every day at 8 am for an hour which is a big commitment. She also plays with her and socialises her on her walks. We have noticed a big difference in Trixie since going out with Suzanne. She is much happier and fitter.

We knew that whoever walked Trixie would also have to be someone that Pearl trusted and could relate to. She really likes Suzanne as she is kind and gentle with Trixie and Trixie is always willing to go with her on her walks. Suzanne does not rush away when she brings Trixie back but stays and has a chat to Pearl which is very much appreciated.

She is totally reliable and trustworthy. We know that we need not worry and that she will just get on with the job. We appreciate her very much and have no hesitation in recommending her.
Linda Butcher, Dog Walking: Stowupland, Suffolk
I had a 6 week training course for my puppy German Shepherd and i can not believe how well he now acts because of the training. Suzanne offered many different techniques to get the same results so if one did not work with my puppy another certainly did. Thank you so much for the help as it was in a word, Outstanding. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for training as Suzanne has a wealth of experience and a solution for every issue. Truly brilliant, thanks again!

Just so you know, because of alfie's brilliant behaviour in the vets the other morning when other dogs were around, the nurses/reception staff were so impressed with him that they asked if/where he'd been trained. We told them and they want to add you to their list of recommended dog trainers... a good result i think! Thanks again for everything and good luck in the future.
Rob and Alfie, Dog Training: Ipswich, Suffolk
This is to thank you and let you know how pleased I was with the training myself and soli (border terrier) received from you. During the 8 weeks we learnt so much and soli now responds well to the whistle, returning when asked. She is also now much calmer on the lead and when people come to the door. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking for training. It was also great fun, we miss your visits.
Sue W, Puppy Training: Barking, Suffolk
I've been working with Suzanne for 8 weeks, training two lively 18 month old cocker spaniels. There were a few issues with Charlie that Suzanne has managed to recitfy, with her patience and skill. If one thing didn't really work, she'd go away and come back with something else to try. The turn around in both of my dogs is quite amazing and it wouldn't have happened without Suzanne.

She is very conscientious and hardworking, and really easy to work and talk with and I would highly recommend her to anyone with problem pooches of any age! She really goes that extra mile for the dogs she is training.

Thanks so much Suzanne for all of your hard work, I'll miss our Friday training sessions! Thanks again,
Sharon, Thurston Dog Training: Suffolk
Thank you for helping us to train our Irish Wolfhound Quinn. Because he was six months old when we got him he was set in his ways and physically very strong and we needed expert advice to get him under control. We felt that one to one training would be best as their were issues such as table and door manners that could only be tackled within the home.

At the end of the eight weeks there has been a massive improvement and you have left us with the knowledge to carry on his training until hopefully we end up with a perfect dog.We both enjoyed the training sessions, as I am sure Quinn did as well and we would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who wants to gain a happy , well-mannered dog.
Rita and Paddy, Dog Training: Suffolk
Would just like to say a big thank you for all the help you gave me with Whisper our German Shepherd
Lou and Whisper, Stowmarket Puppy Training
I'm so sad that my lessons with Suzanne have come to an end... How could she leave me when I worked so hard to please her, and wagged my tail whenever I saw her! OK so I found it hard to remember to do my door manners properly when she arrived, but as she told my owners I'm still young!

I learnt to stop jumping... (well almost), to sit, wait, stay, leave. I can go down and stay down and walk beautifully to heel, I can even turn to command. Suzanne is very clever, she taught me to do all that in six short weeks. She is very nice and kind and never gets cross. If you're a dog looking for a good teacher, I'd recommend her any day... She has a bag of yummy treats which she shares if you do as she asks. I'm going to miss her coming to see me.

Bessie. Labrador Puppy.
Judith, Puppy Dog Training: Mellis, Suffolk
I booked a 6 week training course for my year old dog pip (cross breed). I am deaf and cannot talk so wasn't sure what to expect. She wrote everything down for me and we took pip on walks to stop him from pulling. This was very successful as i can now walk pip without him pulling or barking at other dogs. Suzanne is an excellent trainer and i would highly recommend to anyone who wants training for their dogs.
Carol, Ipswich Dog Training
Suzanne has been training our 4 month old german shepard for 6 weeks , the sessions where relaxed and fun both for us and our pup .

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend suzanne as a trainer to anyone be it for puppy training or for an older dog .
Stuart, Suffolk Puppy Training
Thank you so much for all your help in giving myself and my wife Laura, as well as, of course Boadi, our 5 month old Dogue de Bordeaux, puppy training exercises, tips and advice over the last 6 weeks. She's achieved so much more than we could have expected over this very short period and at such a young age. Of course she's not 100% obedient yet, but now it's down to us, the owners,to continue the training on a daily basis and make it happen. With all the techniques, advice and tips that we've received from Suzanne, and a little patience and diligence from us, this will happen in no time.

We would highly recommend Suzanne and Happy Dog Days to anyone who needs training and advice for their puppy or dog.
Alex, Puppy Training: Mendlesham, Suffolk
I have recently completed a course of training for my Puppy with Happy Dogs Days. What great value for money. The company name fits exactly into the ethos of Suzanne who came to train both Cassey (my puppy) and me. It was great to be taught by someone who is only interested in the welfare of the dog! Suzanne makes you feel at ease. Both Cassey and myself have enjoyed the lessons and although I never wanted my puppy to loose her playful nature she is now much more obedient. Suzanne adapted the sessions to fit exactly with our needs for example Cassey continuously barked at my hoover. Following half an hour training session with Suzanne and Cassey is now 100 times better. I still need to remind her that it is unacceptable behaviour but it only takes a moment and I can hoover in peace. I have enjoyed the sessions so much and Cassey is so responsive we have agreed to extend the number of sessions. This is another example of just how adaptable Happy Dog Days are. THANK YOU!
Lisa, Puppy Dog Training: Kesgrave
Just wanted to say how much Ben and I enjoyed and valued your weekly visits earlier this summer. I think it is fair to say that when you first arrived you met a rather unruly and somewhat confused dog who wanted to be friends with the whole world but didn't know the best way to behave. And a frustrated and tired woman who didn't understand the best way to help and teach such a lovely dog. Together, Ben and I learnt a great deal.

Thank you for your endless patience, encouragement and enthusiasm. Our sessions were the highlight of Ben's week. I'm afraid that I have let the practice slip a little but we are benefiting greatly from your teaching. Our walks are easier every time we go out!!
Bridget, Adult Dog Training: Ipswich
Thank you so much for your help with my Dachshund puppy. After your visit last week she has come on leaps and bounds. She is now nearly house trained, what you told me was invaluable I now know about the signs to look out for. Bella is now actually walking on her lead where as two weeks ago I couldn't get her to leave the house! I am so grateful to you for all your advice and will contact you in the near future for help with heel work, thank you niki o'dell and Bella from Great Finborough xxx
Nicola, Puppy Training:Great Finbrough
Thank you Suzanne so much for all your help. We were told by many potential trainers that having a 1 year old English bulldog and a basset hound would be more than a challenge to train. Most wished us luck but Suzanne said it may not be easy but definitely doable. Within half an hour of training we were amazed by our dog's potential and as the weeks went on our understanding of our two girls grew as did our confidence in training them.

They were no longer a chore to walk but a pleasure. We love our girls very much but were drained from their behaviour. Suzanne's techniques calmed them down and gave us something more to do with then. She showed us how to exercise their minds and how to change their bad behaviour into good behaviour. They even learnt how to lay down without me ever having to touch them or force them. They no longer pull on walks and they are much better behaved with house manners.

They are truly well loved family members who are happier since Suzanne! came and we are happier to have them now they respond to our commands. We do miss our training and hope one day we can have Suzanne over for a few more training sessions for fun as we think the girls have missed her...and her liver cake! Thank you so much for all you have done.

Sam, Alan, Molly and Bella
Samantha and Alan, Dog Training: Henley
We initially had 6 weeks one to one training session with Suzanne and found her manner very gentle and professional. Suzanne has a wonderful way of working with us and our bundle of fun Henry (black lab). She has taught us positive ways to train him.Through out the training Suzanne has never been imposing or forceful and has always suggested alternative if we have found a certain method difficult. What is also lovely is that she has meet us out at a public event and has made a point to come over and say hello.

We are currently working with her every other week - just to keep us on track - ha ha and to progress Henry's training.

Suzanne training has been invaluable as well as very good value for money. We have nothing but very high praise and recommendation for her and her service.
Mark, Mandy & Henry Hound, Puppy Training: Combs/Stowmarket
Thank you for the training that you did for us with our two lively Golden doodle puppies. As new owners of big dogs, previously only ever having cocker spaniels, we found the training extremely informative and useful, and everything you taught us we have continued with. While they are still puppies we feel that your training was invaluable for both the puppies and ourselves as part of the battle is training the owners as much as the dogs, and you did a phenomenal job at that. Thank you so much for your efforts and we will certainly be in touch in the future for additional training needs.
Andi and Kate, Puppy Training: Ickworth
I find your Dog Taxi service great. My dogs look forward to going to be clipped with you, Tails wag! They are happy, so am I. Keep up the great work.
Mrs Scase, Dog Taxi: Combs
You can't train Westies you hear people say but Suzanne has proved everyone wrong. Our little girl 'Poppy' who is just 5 months old has just had 6 one to one lessons with her and is growing up to be an obedient dog and less of an delinquent than she was when she arrived at 8 weeks old. She knows how to sit and stay, leave food when offered to her on your open hand, to watch you and to walk on a loose lead. We are still working on the instructions Suzanne gave us for the recall and I am sure it will only be a matter of time before she gets that too. If you like us have a dog who is strong minded and a little out of control, we cannot recommend anyone more highly than we do of Suzanne. Her calm, quiet approach had us both amazed at the results, and its all done in a reward based manner which proved it could be done. We would recommend Suzanne to anyone and have done so to people we know and they are now going through the same process.
Gill and Ian Hendry, PuppyTraining: Mendlesham
I have found that having a trainer on a 1:1 basis for my Staffordshire Bull Terrier absolutely brilliant. Not only did we cover everything that I was told we would, but even more. I found it so useful to be able to ask so many questions along the way and to cover such a wide variety of areas which I hadn't a clue about!

The service was professional and Suzanne friendly and very approachable; the techniques were simple to understand and easy to put into practise, and the results were amazing.

I would definitely recommend Happy Dog Days to anyone from, like me, having a new puppy to anyone who has an older dog that has formed bad habbits.

Thank you for improving the quality and enjoyment with our new edition - Milo!
Mrs A Beaumont, Puppy Training: Ipswich
Great with Greyhounds. We have 2 recently retired greyhounds and the general consensus was that greyhounds are a bit dim and un-trainable. Not true. With Suzanne's help and guidance the hounds (and us) soon picked up all sorts of tricks, which has helped enormously with their general obedience and helped us bond with them as they settled into their new, very different environment. We would highly recommend Suzanne - in fact we are inviting her back for more soon!"
Wil Wilson, Adult Dog Training: Elmswell
You're excellent at what you do and a great person to have met. You're patient, kind, gentle and consistentent, with me and Anna (my Great Dane pup). I've missed your tuition since we finished the puppy course. Thankyou!!

I'm very pleased I picked up your leaflet.
Erica and Anna, Stowmarket: Puppy Training
Simon and I would like to say a big thank you to Suzanne. We are very pleased with the training that Susanne gave us and our Dogue de Bordeaux puppy Hendrix. Over six weeks Hendrix has learnt to sit, stay, wait come, down, walk nicely on the lead and much more, oh and not to attack our scary vacuum cleaner Henry. Suzanne uses very simply techniques that everyone can learn. She is also a very nice person who is easy to work with. We would recommend her dog training to everyone we know and are now looking forward to practising our new skills with Hendrix.

Again thank you very much and we will miss our weekly training sessions.
Asa and Simon, Puppy Training: Ipswich, Suffolk
Suzanne has been training Ruby our 7 month old Jack Russell for the last 6 weeks and what a transformation it has been. Ruby is much less excitable when meeting people and other dogs and walks so much better on lead walking, so I'm not being pulled down the road on our walks all thanks to Suzanne's training techniques. Her techniques is all about reward and kindness to the dog.

Thank you so much Suzanne I'm so pleased you was recommended to me by a friend, I miss our training time together as you are such a caring and easy to get on with fun trainer, I'm sure Ruby would agree if she could talk. I would recommend you to anyone who needs help with dog training issues

Thanks so much
Joy Smith, Mendlesham : One to One Training
Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping us train Miley, our 5 month loopy labrador! We are so pleased with the results from our 6 lessons with you; she (and we!) have come on so much ... you are worth your weight in gold with all those useful tips.
Andrew and Nicky Doole, Kesgrave: One to One training
Just finished a six week training course with our 18 week old rottweiler (Dodson ). We cant believe how much he has learnt from week one right until week 6. He is a totally different puppy and now loves his training we have been taught to do with him. Suzanne is a absolute brilliant trainer, she had so much time and patience with Dodson, teaching him and us simple but so effective commands that has worked to turn Dodson into a brilliant puppy, controlled and obedient.

With Suzannes training he has amazed our vet and lots of people we meet who are normally a bit dubious of rottweilers, thank you again for making Dodson a great family pet.
Rick and Xanthe, Puppy One to One Training: Ipswich
Dear Suzanne,

Thank you so much for all the help and support you gave us in Molly's training.

She is really getting on well, Thanks to you.We are still following your training program which is a great success.

Would recommend you to anyone, Your manner and the way you train dogs is very unique.Wish you all the success with Happy Dog Days.

Colin, Sue Burch and not forgetting Molly
Colin, Sue, Puppy Training One to One: Stowmarket
Just to say a big thank you for the help and support you have given to me and Maisie over the past few weeks.Walking is now a pleasure and the bond between us has strengthened. I,m sure with practice and time we will improve even more.
Belinda, Adult dog training: Ipswich
Thank you very much for your help in bringing our "Mad" Cocker Spaniel Puppy into a "Not so Mad" Puppy. Your help and guidance have really made a difference and made our life with Charlie much more enjoyable and fun! We really enjoyed our sessions together and your professionalism and passion stayed throughout.
Kev, Gill, Daniel, Gislingham: Training
Once upon a time there was a dachshund called Harvey who was a hyperactive little dog and acted as though he was fed solely on e-numbers. No food, just e-numbers! Before re-homing Harvey, his owner was a perfectly normal person but suddenly she turned into a fish-wife.

She didn't really, but she certainly sounded like one - if Harvey wasn't barking, she was shouting! Then, one day Owner has a light bulb moment. She trawled the internet looking for someone to train both Harvey and herself and came across 'Happy Dog Days' web site. Reaching for the phone at a moment when Harvey was taking a break from barking or doing some other anti-social thing, Owner spoke to Suzanne, a quietly spoken lady who said that she could wave a magic wand and get results (well, she didn't say that exactly but she certainly said that she thought she could help!).

Suzanne came to see Harvey and Owner and explained that the more Harvey was shouted at, the less likely he was to do as he was told. Thence began a six-week course of training both Harvey and Owner. Suzanne explained a bit of dog psychology and by doing some training for a few minutes, a few times a day, Harvey has metamorphosed into a calmer and quite well behaved little character. He still has his moments but with the solid grounding that Suzanne has laid down, these are being worked on.

And Owner can now return to being the normal person she was. So, thank you Suzanne from the bottom of our hearts. We would recommend you to anyone who loves their dog.
Chris, Adult Dog Training: Hitcham
We have just had our last lesson for a little while and I wanted to write and thank you for making "puppy training" such an enjoyable experience. Both Clover and I have had a great time with you and have learnt so much. Your methods are brilliant and I know as we go away to practice what you have taught us, Clover will come on in leaps and bounds. She is already hugely improved from when we started and more importantly really enjoys the lessons. You make it all seem like a game to her which of course helps her to learn more easily.

I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone and we look forward to returning for a "refresher course" in the not too distant future.

Many many thanks again Veronica and Clover
Veronica, Puppy Training: Stowmarket
What a transformation! Our six weeks of training couldn't have been time better spent. Boris our Golden Retriever has really taken to the new commands. At times I'm not sure whether Suzanne was training us or him but whatever, the results are amazing and the whole experience was a pleasure. The simple and basic lessons from someone with experience has helped instill the basics and set us on a firm direction with his training. As a family, including our twelve year old daughter, we have all learnt how to take command with Boris and are enjoying the whole experience of puppy ownership much more. The six week course was money well spent and we will definitely be signing up for a refresher course in a few months time.
Martin, Gill and Imogen, Beyton : Puppy Training
Our 7 month old springer spaniel Dora was proving quite a handful and getting into a dog training class to suit my timetable was very difficult. I found Happy Dog Days on the internet and was very pleased to discover that Suzanne is very flexible on times and could come to our home at the weekend. Suzanne has transformed my relationship with Dora, not only by training her but by teaching me how to train her. Suzanne's quiet but firm approach is based on rewarding the dog for good behaviour. She has shown me that consistency is the key and practice will make perfect. Dora isn't there yet but in 7 sessions Suzanne has shown me that Dora is perfectly capable of being trained to a high standard if Dora and I both put the effort in. Dora and I both really enjoyed our sessions with Suzanne. We have learnt so much, not least that liver cake is the tastiest of treats (at least, Dora thinks so, and I feel like the Pied Piper in the park when other dogs get the scent of it!). Thank you Suzanne - you are a very gifted trainer, clearly dotty about dogs, and you have transformed Dora.
Julie, Ipswich : Training
This is just a quick note to say a big 'thank you' for helping me train Daniel; your expertise, guidance and easy way was just what was needed! I though training a Border Collie would be easy, not so, but your advice and guidance was just right. I was so glad I found you when I searched the 'net' for puppy training; much better than big classes which we did with Jackson. One to one training was really beneficial. Although I wasn't sure about spending this much money, I'm very glad I did. It's been well worth it. I will recommend you to friends and acquaintances.
Joy, Puppy One 2 One: Caple St Mary
We just wanted to thank you so much for all your help and support with Bronte, our border collie puppy.The training sessions we had with you were calm and instructive and you always had little tips to ensure that our practise sessions during the week without you were successful.You showed genuine interest in any problems we were experiencing with Bronte and offered positive, practical things to try.Above all you were very kind and understanding - with both Bronte and us humans.We will miss seeing you so regularly and hope that we will meet again.Meanwhile I will be recommending you to all my doggie-owner friends.Thank you once again, With best wishes, Kate and Roger Thurlow
Kate and Roger, One to One Puppy Training : Ipswich
Suzanne and Happy Dog Days have done a fantastic job in helping me to train my dog. Percy was a young puppy the first time Suzanne met him and so we were able to train him from an early age, and although he is still an excitable puppy at times (I would be worried if he wasn't), he has picked up the commands really well and is starting to improve on the lead work - its now just up to me to persevere!I am particularly impressed with his table manners - I ask Suzanne if she could show me some techniques, so on the last session we went through them and by the third meal i.e. breakfast the following day, he was (almost) automatically going to his bed when I asked, and staying there until the meal was over and I had released him. We can now have civilised meals without a nose hovering at elbow height!Suzanne almost always spent longer than the hour with us, to make sure we were fully up to speed before she left. We always ran through what we had done on previous weeks before moving on - so I always felt confident about what I was doing. Her knowledge about the psychology of training and maintaining a happy and contented dog was very insightful and helpful. Both Percy and I really enjoyed ourselves and were always shattered after an hour or so working hard!Thanks Suzanne, I will recommend you to everyone I know for sure
Ros and Percy, Puppy One to One Training : Little Waldingfield
"Thanks to Suzanne, we have made great strides in helping Rufus, our Golden Retriever, become the well-mannered, contented dog we'd like him to be. The training sessions have been hugely enjoyable. Suzanne's patience and persistence have ensured that we have learned the lessons properly and gained the confidence to continue to train our dog ourselves. Rufus has been an eager pupil and he has made rapid progress. Suzanne has regularly given us more time than she needed to and her friendly, enthusiastic manner and clear guidance have steered us gently from sloppiness and shown us how much we can expect from Rufus.

Rufus himself has worked hard and he continues to relish 'come', 'stay', 'wait', 'down' and 'touch' - especially when there's liver cake involved. 'Ah-ah' stops him in his tracks - most of the time! We really are grateful for everything you have done with us. Thank you."We have often said how much we have gained from your training, even though we must have appeared to be slow learners at times! We will think of you every time Rufus leaves the house calmly, walks at our pace and responds eagerly to the various commands - especially 'touch'! You really have done a great job.

Thank you once again and best wishes from Sue, Chris, Alex and Millie Lenton - and Rufus!
Sue, Chris, Dog Training: Debenham
WOW! I had one on one training with our Border terrier X for six weeks we have gone from someone telling us that he was untrainable to a dog that is very clever from the sitting, staying call backs, touch we are still working hard on the pulling but he has got alot better. I can now answer my front door with out fight with Floyd first. Thanks to Suzanne for your hard work Myself and Floyd enjoyed working with you.
Claire, Adult Dog Training
Just wanted to thank Suzanne for all the brilliant training you taught my french bull dog Marcy and I. Marcy continues to be everything we wanted for a family dog and I'm thrilled with how she responds to the commands I have been taught by Suzanne. I would highly recommend it.
Sarah Hicks, Ipswich

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