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Suffolk Puppy Classes

Suffolk puppy classes

Suffolk puppy classes

About the service

Puppy classes is a step towards achieving your long term goal of a well behaved trained dog.  Puppy classes are held for one hour a week over a period of eight weeks. I will be sharing useful information and each week you and your puppy will learn basic obedience. Every week you will have time in class to put the obedience exercises into practice. This will enable me to assist you and give you practical support on each of the exercises and overcome any problems. It is very important for your puppy's development and progression that you train every day (little and often) and practice the commands/exercises.

There is a maximum of seven handlers and puppies per class. This is to allow enough space between yourself and your puppy and the neighbouring handler and puppy to work in. It is good for socialisation and distraction training as well. It also allows me to give every one the individual time they need.

You should enjoy training at home and in classes. Classes are a friendly, informal and social environment to train in. During puppy classes it is inevitable that puppies and handlers will make mistakes. There will be no need to get cross or feel embarrassed, remember every handler and puppy attending puppy class is learning and will be experiencing similar situations as you find yourself. Also remember you can not compare other puppies' progression and the capabilities of the handlers as different breeds of puppies can be harder to train and each handler will have a different amount of experience and time to train.

Happy Dog Days training technique is repetition, consistency and reward based using verbal praise, food or your dog's favourite toy. There is no rough handling or angry shouting.

Suffolk puppy classes

Suffolk puppy training classes

Content of puppy course: (may vary slightly from the list below)

Introduction to puppy training:

  • Importance of practice, repetition, being consistent with commands and body language. (both you and your dog seeing the signs)
  • Importance of rules in and around the home; putting the lead on, feeding, puppy play, not to allow play biting.
  • Importance of puppy socialisation explained.
  • Information on Neutering your dog.

Puppy handling:

Gets your puppy used to being handled all over and it will help prevent your puppy having any parts of the body it doesn't like being touched when he/she is older. This will be of great benefit to you and your puppy for those trips to the vets and groomers etc. It will also prepare your dog for strangers coming up and stroking your dog. etc.

Social manners:

  • Not jumping up at people
  • Door manners
  • Meeting other dogs

Watch command:

This will help in many areas of training i.e. stopping eye contact with another dog. It will get your dog's attention on you.

Lead work:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Walk to heel on loose lead (informal)


  • Sit
  • Down

Informal recall:

  • To front (only if your puppy is ready during this course duration.)

'Leave it' command

Puppies can join the puppy classes between 13 - 18  weeks old so that they are all at a similar stage of development.

One hour session a week.

6 week puppy course, see price page

Puppy classes UNAVAILABLE at present but please take a look at Happy Dog Days 'One to One' training.

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