The Dog Microchip

The Dog Microchip

What is a dog microchip?

The microchip is about the size of a large grain of rice.  It is implanted under the loose skin between the shoulder blades of your dog by a form of an injection similar to your dog getting a vaccination injection.  All microchips are different as they all hold a series of different numbers.  These numbers are what identifies your dog to you.

The procedure of microchipping a dog...

Firstly a microchipping prescan with a hand held scanner will be done on your dog just to make sure there is not an existing microchip.  Your dog can then be implanted.  Once your dog has been implanted with the microchip it will  be 'test scanned' immediately to check the microchip is reading correctly.  A PET LOG registration form is filled out on line and  registered on the PET LOG database.  We only offer the dog microchipping in Suffolk.

If your dog does become lost/stray and then found the finder will return the dog to you as they will get your details off the I.D tag.  If, unfortunately the I.D tag is lost, the finder has no way of knowing who you are.

The finder's next step is to contact/take the dog to a agency such as the local dog warden, vets or animal rescue homes,  all who possess scanners.  Once the dog has been collected/taken to one of these places on arrival it is scanned.  If a microchip is detected the national database is contacted and provided with the microchip I.D number.  This in turn brings up the owner's details.  The owner is then contacted and informed their dog has been found, and where to go to be reunited.

Microchipping dogs how much? See the price guide.

Along with the microchip your dog needs to wear a collar and I.D tag.  It is a legal requirement in the UK under The Control Of Dogs Order 1992 to have an I.D. tag.   Click on Dog Tags for more information.

Some questions answered about our Suffolk dog microchipping service.

What happens if I move or have different contact details?

It is very important to keep your details up to date and it can be done as many times as necessary.  Their may be a charge to make any changes.

You contact your microchip company and inform them of any changes to your address, home phone number or mobile etc.  This can usually be done by phone, returning the form that is given to you at the time of the microchip implant.  There will be an area for you to fill in with your new details on the back or through the website.

Is microchipping the dog a quick procedure?

Dog microchipping is very quick.  The microchip is implanted under the loose skin between the shoulder blades of your dog by a form of an injection similar to your dog getting a vaccination injection.  The main difference is the needle is bigger.  The procedure will only take a few minutes.

Does it require local anaesthetic to be microchipped?

No, the procedure requires no anaesthetic.

Is it painful?

All dogs are different and will react in their own way.  Most dogs do not appear to feel it at all.  If the dog does feel it, it is a moment of discomfort when injected.

Who possesses microchip scanners?

Any pet agencies should possess a scanner i.e. vets, council dog wardens and animal rescue homes.

Any one who is a registered to microchip will have a microchip scanner as well. i.e. Some Kennels and dog trainers.

How does the microchip scanner read the chip?

The scanner uses radio waves to read the chip.

Can the microchip move once implanted?

The microchip will stay implanted for the life of your dog.

The microchip itself is held within a glass vial which is compatible with living tissue.  The connective tissue will then form around the glass vial, this is what keeps it in place.

On rare occasions microchips have been known to migrate. It is common practise to scan over the shoulder blades and the whole of the body on a found dog.

Will a microchip help if I want to take my dog abroad?

If your dog requires a Pet Travel Scheme Passport it will need to have a microchip to travel.

What company does Happy Dog Days use for their microchips?

Happy Dog Days uses the Pet-Detect Microchips.

Can I upgrade with the microchip company?

Yes you can be upgraded to Petlog Premium they give you... Lost and Found service including Lost Pet Alerts to local authorities.

Report your pet lost via SMS text message, web or telephone and a Lost Pet Alert email will be immediately distributed to the registered authorities in your local area.  Details will also be listed on the Lost Pet section of the website.

FREE - Change of address for dog microchipping
FREE - 2nd carer contact details for dig microchip owners
FREE - Holiday/travel details
FREE - Exclusive member's document wallet
FREE - Download and create Lost Pet posters
NEW - Update your records whenever you need - by web, post or telephone

Here in Suffolk we offer a great priced microchipping service See the price guide for a list of our Suffolk services.

Contact me for Suffolk dog microchipping info or to book this service.

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